Prince Harry and the co-founder of the Sussexes’ new investment firm have ‘wonderful banter.’


Prince Harry and the co-founder of the Sussexes’ new investment firm have ‘wonderful banter.’

It has been stated that Prince Harry has a “excellent connection” with one of the co-founders of the investment firm that he and Meghan Markle have funded.

According to two of the entrepreneur’s close cousins, Prince Harry shares his interests in rugby and the environment with Jay Lipman, the 32-year-old Epsom-born co-founder of the sustainable investing firm Ethic. And, according to his mother, Mayrilyn Lipman, 70, these common interests have helped produce “wonderful banter” between the two.

According to MailOnline, she stated: “Jay and Harry have a lot in common, so there’s a lot of banter between them.

“They aren’t close friends, but they have a good relationship.

“But Jay is a modest man who would never boast about his accomplishments.

“People will sit up and take a lot more notice of Ethic now that Harry and Meghan are involved.”

Ms Lipman claimed her California-based son met Meghan and Harry through friends while they were in New York more than a year ago.

Mr Lipman is said to have formed a personal and professional relationship with the Duke and Duchess, even paying them a visit at their Montecito, Santa Barbara, house.

The entrepreneur’s mother, who defined herself as a “ardent royalist,” also commented about her son’s past, claiming that he had a good run at Deutsche Bank in New York after migrating over the pond.

Working on Wall Street, on the other hand, was making him “disgruntled.”

She stated, ” “He used to work for Deutsche Bank, but he despised it and was fed up with the fat cats becoming bigger.

“He was living in a very opulent apartment in New York and was well compensated.

“‘Mum, I’ve just handed in my notice,’ he said one day. I’m heading to San Francisco to establish my own business.’

“He’s ten times happier now because he’s making a positive difference in the world. Jay has wanted to do this for a long time.” Mr Lipman’s brother, Stef Lipman, 37, jokingly referred to him as “a fun-loving hippie banker.”

He continued, recalling their joyful childhood: “We used to spend a lot of time outside as kids, and Jay was a big rugby fan. We didn’t grow up playing video games.

“We were usually out in the woods as kids growing up in Epsom.

“Being in nature and taking in the scenery was what we loved the most.

“We’ve always had it. “Brinkwire News Summary “..


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