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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle secretly buy Santa Barbara home because ‘it was not Harry’s style’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have secretly bought a private family home in Santa Barbara, ditching Tyler Perry’s 12-bedroom Beverly Hills mansion for ‘considerable privacy.’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been living in the upscale California community for six weeks since early July, Page Six reports. 

‘Harry and Meghan have been quietly living in their own home in Santa Barbara since early July,’ an. unnamed source revealed.

‘They are not houseguests of Oprah or anyone else, they bought this home themselves. This is where they want to continue their lives after leaving the UK.

‘This is the first home either of them has ever owned. It has been a very special time for them as a couple and as a family — to have complete privacy for six weeks since they moved in.

‘They intend to put down their roots in this house and the quiet community, which has considerable privacy. This is where they want to bring Archie up, where they hope he can have as normal a life as possible.’

Little details are known about the home, but the source adds that the couple have vetted the home.

‘They have thought about this carefully and researched it well. This is the place where they plan to be happy, make good friends and bring up Archie, giving him the chance to play with other children his age,’ the source said.

Harry and Meghan had been staying at Tyler Perry’s $18million, 12-bedroom, eight-bathroom Beverly Hills mansion for the last few months. 

Perry is close friends with Oprah, who lives just a few miles away from where the couple now reside. He is also represented by some of the same people representing the couple.

‘While it was a nice favor to them at a very difficult time, Tyler Perry’s house with 18 bedrooms isn’t Harry’s style. Yes, he grew up in royalty and the halls of Buckingham Palace, but he prefers more intimate homes with character,’ the source shared. 

The couple have had to launch a lawsuit against numerous paparazzi agencies after Archie was pictured with Meghan’s mom Doria Ragland in a driveway at the house. 

‘Harry and Meghan are both very upset by this breach of privacy, but that wasn’t the reason they left Los Angeles. They were already in the process of buying their home in Santa Barbara. 

‘Harry and Meghan never intended to make Los Angeles their home. It was a good place for them to be upon their arrival in the US to be close to Meghan’s mom [who lives in LA],’ the source shared. 

The young family will have several notable celeb neighbors in their lavish new neighborhood, which boasts home that go for more than $100million. 

Oprah has a massive $90million estate in Montecito with stunning visuals of the ocean, and Ellen DeGeneres has a few homes in the area, as well.

A spokesperson for the couple confirmed that they have moved to the new home.  

‘The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved into their family home in July of this year. They have settled into the quiet privacy of their community since their arrival and hope that this will be respected for their neighbors, as well as for them as a family,’ the source said.

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