Prince Harry, according to Katie Couric, smelled like cigarettes and alcohol ‘from every pore.’


Prince Harry, according to Katie Couric, smelled like cigarettes and alcohol ‘from every pore.’

According to Katie Couric’s new tell-all novel, Prince Harry had a distinct odor when she first met him in Brazil.

Katie Couric is releasing a biography filled with experiences that some of her famous guests would have chosen to keep private after four decades as a TV host. The 64-year-old broadcaster discloses strange information about her industry, her own private life, her coworkers, and even Prince Harry in “Going There.”

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In 2012, the king was still an eligible bachelor who liked to party when Couric invited him to an interview for ABC News.

On his visit across the Commonwealth to commemorate his grandmother’s 60 years of reign, the TV anchor wanted to interview him.

After meeting him for the first time during a polo tournament in Brazil, the face-to-face interview was filmed.

Couric described her experience with Harry during his “wild-oats planting phase” in the 500-page book.

According to MailOnline, when she met with the Prince, the scent of cigarettes and alcohol seemed to “ooze from every pore” of his body.

The majority of the interview on the American station was devoted to queries about Queen Elizabeth.

His grandmother, according to the Duke of Sussex, “managed to encourage the monarchy to move with the times.”

Since marrying Meghan Markle in 2018, Prince Harry is said to have quit smoking and adopted a healthier lifestyle.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Defcon 3′ bodyguards are hired by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

In March 2021, he claimed that losing his mother at such a young age contributed to his twenties’ predisposition to party too heavily.

“I can safely state that losing my mother at the age of 12 and so shutting down all of my emotions for the next 20 years has had a fairly major impact on not only my personal life but also my career,” Harry wrote in a BetterUp article.

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