Prince George took his first steps into the future by donning ‘royal armour,’ while Kate has a ‘journey planned.’


Prince George took his first steps into the future by donning ‘royal armour,’ while Kate has a ‘journey planned.’

According to a royal commentator, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has “planned” Prince George’s journey to ease the child into his future role as sovereign.

Kate and Prince William are rumored to be working on a plan to introduce their firstborn Prince George to his fate.

Kate, according to one royal author, has his “journey planned” already.

Duncan Larcombe, author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, remembers the eight-year-old boy’s outfit from the two EURO 2020 matches he watched with his parents at Wembley Stadium last summer.

George melted hearts at the time by wearing a suit and tie that matched his father’s.

Mr Larcombe, on the other hand, claimed that the outfit was worn to help Prince George understand what it meant to be “on duty,” and that Kate was in favor of her son wearing more formal attire.

While the Cambridges cheered for England during the matches they attended, they were also representing the Crown, with Prince William attending in his capacity as President of the Football Association.

“That really struck me after seeing George in his first grown-up suit with his parents at the Euros final in July,” Mr Larcombe told OK! magazine.

“People wondered why he hadn’t been allowed to wear an England shirt like a normal eight-year-old.”

“William seemed enthusiastic about the idea, but Kate, the former commoner, said no.

“She was demonstrating to George that being ‘on duty’ necessitates a different approach… he must learn to put on the royal armour.”

“But that doesn’t mean he has to hide his personality or feelings – George was encouraged to jump up and down in joy when England scored, to roar and wave, and hug his parents like any other kid.”

“And even to cry when it all came to an end in heartbreak.”

“George is only beginning to grasp his fate, but Kate has the journey mapped out.”

Prince George had already visited the stadium with his parents and sister Princess Charlotte, though in less formal circumstances, prior to the EURO matches.

In October of this year, the Cambridges were spotted in the stands at Carrow Road, watching Norwich City play Aston Villa.

Every time Villa, William’s favorite Premier League team, scored against the home team, George was photographed in a casual outfit cheering and beaming.

Prince George is currently the third in line to the throne.

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