Prince George is ‘annoyed’ by litter spread along a litter-picking route And the future king takes a stand.


Prince George is ‘annoyed’ by litter spread along a litter-picking route And the future king takes a stand.

The Duke of Cambridge stated that debris continues reappearing on Prince George’s litter-picking path, leaving him “annoyed” and “confused.”

The eight-year-old, who had been picking up garbage at his school, St Thomas’s Battersea, was perplexed as to why the litter he had worked so hard to remove would not go away. According to Prince William, “So George has been doing litter picking at school recently, and I didn’t realize it until I spoke with him the other day that he was already showing signs of being perplexed and annoyed by the fact that they went litter picking one day and then did the same route, same time, and pretty much the same litter they picked up back the next day.

“And I believe he was trying to figure out how and where it all originated from. He didn’t get it and said, “Well, we cleaned this.” Why hasn’t it vanished?” Prince William expressed his disappointment, speaking to BBC Newscast ahead of the inaugural Earthshot Prize award event on Sunday, that the earth was still in a state of environmental disaster, despite centuries of royal advocacy on the matter.

If George, who is currently in Year 4 at the Battersea prep school, grows up to follow in his environmental activist footsteps, William has warned that it will be “an awful calamity.”

“There shouldn’t be a third generation coming in and having to ramp it up even further,” he said.

“And, believe me, it would be a disaster for me if George is sitting here talking to you or your successor, Adam, in 30 years or whatever, still saying the same thing, because by then, it will be too late.

“Anxiety over climate change is on the rise. People, young people today are growing up in a world where their futures are constantly jeopardized.

“It’s quite unsettling and, you know, anxiety-inducing.”

During the 35-minute conversation, which was taped at Kensington Palace, Prince William also discussed how becoming a parent has affected his perspective on the world.

“I want the things I’ve enjoyed — the outdoors, wildlife, the environment – to be available to my children, and not just my children, but everyone else’s children,” he said.

“We’re robbing our children’s future if we’re not careful. “Brinkwire Summary News “..


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