Prince Charles squabble: It’s ‘unthinkable’ for the Prince of Wales to deny Edward the title of Duke of Edinburgh.


Prince Charles squabble: It’s ‘unthinkable’ for the Prince of Wales to deny Edward the title of Duke of Edinburgh.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams downplayed Prince Charles’ alleged spat with his brother Prince Edward over the Duke of Edinburgh title, saying he was “amazed” the story had been given credit.

Royal analyst Richard Fitzwilliams has downplayed rumors of a royal feud between Prince Charles and his younger brother Prince Edward. The commentator told This website that the Prince of Wales would be “unthinkable” if he denied the Earl of Wessex his right to the dukedom of Edinburgh.

“I’m astonished this was given credence,” Mr Fitzwilliams remarked. Before Edward and Sophie married in 1999, he was promised that he would one day inherit the Dukedom of Edinburgh.

“It is assumed that when Prince Charles ascends the throne, Edward, who is the trustee of the Duke of Edinburgh award system, will inherit it.

“The whole thing doesn’t add up. In my opinion, it is unimaginable that when Charles ascends to the throne, he will not honor what has already been pledged.

“I’m not sure why this has been given any weight.”

Prince Edward and his wife Sophie Wessex disclosed in a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph that the late Prince Philip had specifically requested that the couple take on his title after he died.

The idea of becoming Duke of Edinburgh, according to Prince Edward, is “bittersweet.”

“It’s a melancholy position to take on because the title can only come to me once both of my parents have passed away,” he remarked. It must first be returned to the Crown.”

The title is now held by Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, who will be able to confer it after he succeeds to the throne.

“Edward and Sophie, the Wessexes, are very vital members of the Royal Family, and never more so than now when Harry and Meghan have stepped down and Andrew is no longer a working royal,” Mr Fitzwilliams stated to This website.

“How could it be that this enterprise is in any way tied to a so-called’slimmed-down monarchy?’

“It was Edward’s father’s title, and it was promised to him, and it will be given to him. The anecdote demonstrates how simple it is.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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