Prince Charles sends a strong message to China, urging the country to follow the “polluter pays” philosophy.


Prince Charles sends a strong message to China, urging the country to follow the “polluter pays” philosophy.

PRINCE CHARLES has sent a strong warning to China as he prepares for a high-profile summit in Glasgow later this month.

The future King has officially started a UN-hosted biodiversity conference in Kunming, China, using the Royal Family’s soft diplomatic authority. Prince Charles reminded participants that by failing to appreciate and safeguard environment, humanity is bringing destruction upon itself.

He also proposed that the world’s worst polluters, including China, should adopt a “polluter pays policy.”

By “properly pricing carbon,” a similar action would hasten the green economy.

Carbon would become less enticing not only from an environmental standpoint, but also from a financial standpoint for corporations and governments.

In his opening remarks to the United Nations’ Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity this morning, Prince Charles, who had been invited to speak by Chinese President Xi Jinping, laid out a three-point strategy to save the planet.

To begin, he asked international leaders to place “nature at the center of our economy.”

Second, he explained his “polluter pays” theory, which he uses to encourage governments to adopt more environmentally friendly policies.

Finally, he suggested that leaders reconsider “our land, food, and health systems” in order to employ more sustainable methods.

In a video message sent from his home in the United Kingdom, Prince Charles told conference attendees: “It’s humbling to realize that everything we need to live, including food, water, and oxygen, is dependent on the efforts of other species and the ecosystems they produce.

“Despite this, we continue to annihilate species that hold the key to a plethora of new and sustainable products for the future.

“We appear to be hell-bent on destroying our one-of-a-kind world.”

Prince Charles then paid homage to China’s traditions, possibly in an attempt to persuade the country’s leaders to make big promises to reduce carbon emissions and the impact of the country’s rapid economic expansion on the environment.

He went on to say: “Our association with nature, however, is vital for our own health and that of everything around us, as Chinese culture has long recognized.

“We protect ourselves when we safeguard lands and waters.

“Nature returns, bringing with her all the gifts that life depends on.”

The Prince of Wales’ invitation to the biodiversity conference comes amid a tumultuous relationship between the two. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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