Prince Charles says that he has been following a specific diet for years.


Prince Charles says that he has been following a specific diet for years.

PRINCE Charles has disclosed that in order to protect the environment and reduce his weekly emissions, he has adopted a specific diet.

During a BBC interview about climate change, Prince Charles revealed specifics about his weekly diet. He also stated that he understands and sympathizes with climate activists. For his efforts over the years, the heir to the throne has been dubbed a “veteran environmental campaigner.”

In the gardens of Balmoral, Prince Charles met with BBC climate editor Justin Rowlatt.

“What would you say to BBC breakfast viewers, what would you say to individuals watching about diet?” Justin questioned the Prince.

Is it possible that they should consume less meat and fly less?”

According to Charles: “Well, flying is considerably less common these days, and most people, most of these individuals, do their shopping online. That’s something I’ve been trying to get used to.

“Of sure, the business of what we eat is vital.”

“I haven’t eaten meat and fish on two days a week for years,” he admitted.

“On one day a week, I don’t eat dairy products.”

“Now, that’s one way to accomplish it; if more people did that, you’d relieve a lot of the environmental pressure.”

The Prince of Wales’ weekly meat, seafood, and dairy intake reduction campaign may be on to something.

Various sources have reported on the massive environmental impact that the reduction would have.

“Going vegan for two-thirds of meals may save food-related carbon emissions by 60%,” The Economist stated in 2019.

“Avoiding meat and dairy is the’single biggest approach’ to decrease your influence on Earth,” according to The Guardian.

Aside from his diet, The Prince of Wales has started an Amazon Prime television channel dedicated to environmental programming.

RE:TV will highlight projects from throughout the world that aim to promote a more ecologically friendly world.

“I’ve spent much of my life trying to engage individuals and businesses with the concerns and solutions of the climate disaster,” the Prince added.


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