Prince Charles is reducing the royal rooms at Buckingham Palace to a’modest flat over the shop.’


Prince Charles is reducing the royal rooms at Buckingham Palace to a’modest flat over the shop.’

When Prince Charles becomes King, he intends to reduce the Monarch’s residential quarters at Buckingham Palace to no more than a ‘flat’ above the shop.

When the Prince of Wales takes the throne, he intends to shrink the monarchy. Buckingham Palace’s living quarters, which currently have 188 staff bedrooms and 52 Royal guest bedrooms, will be reduced.

“Despite what everyone says about him not wishing to live there,” a friend of Charles told the Mail on Sunday, “he will undoubtedly have accommodation there.”

“However, it will be a considerably smaller flat above the shop, similar to the Prime Minister’s in Downing Street.””

Because of the noisy Heathrow flight route, Prince Charles has stated that he will not be moving into Windsor Castle.

“The core problem is: when the Queen is no longer here, how do you effectively disperse two generations of the family across quite a huge number of properties?” a source told the Mail on Sunday of the slimmed-down monarchy.

The Prince of Wales is certain that these locations must provide something for the general public in addition to housing for members of the Royal Family.”

“Everything is examined through the lens of the question: ‘What value is this delivering to the public?” said the insider.

Everyone understands that running so many houses is inefficient, but if you abandon them totally, you will never be able to reclaim them when Prince George and the younger Royals need a place to live.”

Other ambitions, according to the Mail on Sunday, include turning Balmoral into a museum.

“There is talk of building a museum dedicated to the Queen,” a source added.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are also expected to move into Windsor Castle, according to reports.

The town would be the “perfect situation” for the royal couple, according to royal expert Katie Nicholl, because it is close enough to the capital for them to return for royal engagements.

OK! spoke with the royal biographer, who said: “William and Kate have never lived in London and have never appreciated the city’s turmoil.

“Windsor appears to be the ideal location.

“The castle is enormous in size and serves as the Queen’s permanent residence, but they have other options for lodging.”


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