Prince Charles is ‘anxious’ to advance the climate agenda before being deposed as monarch.


PRINCE CHARLES remains concerned about pushing his climate change message ahead of becoming king, according to a royal expert.

Royal commentator Ingrid Seward spoke to GB News’ Colin Brazier about Prince Charles’ latest BBC interview on climate change. Mr Brazier noted that there were concerns Prince Charles would continue to push his message against climate change when he was king. Ms Seward disagreed and said the Prince of Wales was anxious about doing this as king.

Because of this fact, she said, he is being more vocal now in hopes of giving a strong final push.

Mr Brazier said: “As a great believer of the Prince of Wales, I still find myself defending him in the newsroom to people.

“Those people who don’t believe he is just going to shut up and zip it when he becomes king.”

Ms Seward replied: “I really think he will and I think that is why he is so anxious to just push his point and keep pushing it.

“He is going to the COP26 summit in Glasgow at the beginning of November with his mother the Queen and other members of the Royal Family.

“I think he thinks he has to make a really strong push.

“He said he sympathised with all of the people who are driving us mad by lying on motorways.

“But then, of course, Prince Charles doesn’t have a problem, he has never come across them on a motorway or been trying to get to a hospital when someone you know and love is dying.

“He has never come across any of that so I think he should have avoided that question.

“I really felt that Charles is saying what he thinks now and to hell with what the world thinks about him.

“He wants to get his message across.”

While speaking to BBC’s Climate Editor Justin Rowlatt Prince Charles argued politicians were not doing enough to combat climate change.

He remarked that all they did was talk when in actuality, action was needed.

He also defended climate activist Greta Thunberg who has also called on all politicians to do more to prevent climate change.

Prince Charles has been an advocate for the environment going back over 50 years, with his outspokenness causing him some headaches due to the belief members of the Royal Family should not offer insight on their views.


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