Prince Charles has been chastised for being “worryingly out of touch” with the United Kingdom.


Prince Charles has been chastised for being “worryingly out of touch” with the United Kingdom.

After expressing support for organisations like Extinction Rebellion in a recent BBC interview, Prince Charles has been labeled “worryingly out of touch with the lives of regular people.”

Charles, 72, has demonstrated that he is concerned for the country’s and the world’s futures. The heir apparent has frequently spoken out about climate change during his time as a senior member of the Royal Family.

Charles expressed his concern over man-made environmental devastation, which dates back several decades and includes the grubbing of innumerable hedgerows, the draining of marshes, and the destruction of woods.

However, Daily Mail journalist Stephen Glover has criticized the Prince, claiming that he has become “increasingly worried by climate change, often to the point of being apocalyptic.”

“Mainstream opinion and UK politics have more or less caught up with him,” he believes.

Mr Glover continued, “on the overall, we should be grateful that the heir to the throne cares so much, and is generally so knowledgable about the topics he supports.”

However, he then said that he is “out of touch with everyday people’s life.”

“It can scarcely be denied that he occasionally sounds like an interesting but dotty professor who is worryingly out of touch with everyday people’s lives,” he wrote.

After being asked by Justin Rowlatt, the BBC’s environment editor, what he thought about the eco-protesters who have created massive delays on the M25 in recent weeks, Charles responded.

The king responded by stating he “completely understands the frustration.”

“All these young people believe nothing is ever happening, so of course they’re going to grow irritated,” Charles said of climate activists like Extinction Rebellion, Insulate Britain, and Greta Thunberg. I completely understand since no one is willing to listen, and they see their future being shattered.

“The point is that people should pay attention to how depressed so many young people are.”

Mr Glover went on to say that many “ordinary people” who were stranded in protestors’ never-ending lines, or who were late for work or hospital appointments, “would have been taken aback” by his forgiving remark that it isn’t “useful to undertake [protests]in a way that alienates people.”

He believes Charles “could and should” have mentioned the actions of NGOs such as Insulate Britain. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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