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President Trump marks 75th anniversary of V-J Day with a stirring video tribute

President Trump marked the 75th anniversary of Japan’s World War Two defeat by tweeting out a stirring video featuring vintage newsreel footage. 

On Saturday, Trump tweeted the nearly two minute-long video out to his 85.2million followers as a way to commemorate VJ Day, or Victory over Japan Day, which occurred on August 15, 1945. 

Trump presented the video without any commentary, allowing the video to speak for him instead.

The video includes haunting, current footage of the empty USS Arizona Memorial – where 1,102 sailors and Marines died during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor – and USS Missouri in Hawaii.  

It also features newsreel clips from 1945, showing Japanese and Allied Powers representatives signing the Instrument of Surrender, admitting Japan’s capitulation in the war, on the deck of the USS Missouri which was in Tokyo Bay at the time. 

The video is accompanied by US Army General Douglas MacArthur’s speech which opened the signing ceremony. 

75 years ago, brave men and women from many nations stood together in the Far East to bring an end to the Second World War. They fought for freedom, won the war and secured the peace.

Today, as every day, we will remember them.#VJDay75

The video was created by the American Forces Network Pacific, which also tweeted it out. 

‘We remember August 15th, 1945 and honor the 75 years of peace that have followed. On this day, two nations began the journey from war, to build one of the strongest alliances in the world,’ AFNP wrote Saturday.  

Trump also appeared in a video, alongside 10 leaders from around the world, thanking those who served during World War Two.    

The ‘Friendship of Nations’ video featured leaders including Trump, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari, Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying, ‘To all who served, we thank you.’

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