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President Macron and his pals must drop their outrageous tactics — a stalemate is not in their interests

THE leaked Cabinet report we reveal today makes grim reading.

But the doomsday winter scenario of rampant Covid and a European No Deal should be just as much of a wake-up call to the EU as it is to our Government.

Ministers here will have no excuses if they are not fully prepared after reading the Transition Task Force dossier.

So it is good to learn that Whitehall is making contingency plans.

But is this wake-up call being heard on the other side of the Channel?

French President Macron and his stubborn Eurocrat cronies only seem to be interested in blocking tactics.

Whenever an issue that really concerns them comes up, such as fishing rights, they ignore Brexit and become fixated on keeping things as they are.

Last week Brussels shamefully tried to exploit the fate of the Calais migrants as a bargaining chip.

But now it’s time for Macron and his pals to drop these outrageous tactics and face the fact that a stalemate is not in their interests.

Or do the French really want to see Navy ships patrolling the Channel to protect our fishing fleet from rogue EU boats?

AS Boris Johnson has found, there is never a good time for politicians to take a holiday.

But if you are a Minister of Education when GCSE and A-Level results are in meltdown, you might think it wise to be at your desk.

Apprenticeship and Skills Minister Gillian Keegan thinks otherwise.

She has been cycling around France on a two-week jolly and posting snaps on Instagram.

Astonishingly, the hapless Education Secretary Gavin Williamson found time amid fighting off calls for his resignation to click “like” on her photos.

Ms Keegan should be working on reopening schools, colleges and apprenticeship opportunities.

Instead, by the time she finishes quarantine, youngsters may already be due back in lessons.

She should join Mr Williamson on the naughty step.

DAVID CAMERON once promised a bonfire of the quangos.

But last year these unelected bodies cost taxpayers £3billion more than 12 months earlier, and employed 20,000 more people.

Given the flops at Public Health England and the exams watchdog Ofqual, Boris may find a bonfire isn’t big enough.

He needs a furnace.

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