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Pregnant footy WAG hits trolls accusing her of ‘flaunting’ a lavish lifestyle in Queensland AFL hub

A footy WAG has launched a scathing attack at trolls accusing her of living it up in the sunshine after relocating to Queensland for the AFL hub.

Tiffany Wood posted an extended Instagram update to highlight the sacrifice her family has made to follow her husband Easton Wood into the Western Bulldogs’ Queensland hub.

Critics online have accused the Victorian clubs of enjoying a northern holiday in Queensland while their home state suffers under the weight of the second weight of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Wood said trolls should ‘walk a mile in my shoes’ before making their comments.

‘We’ve been relocated because of work. This is a work environment,’ she posted. ‘Staff are missing their families and working around the clock.

‘We are all doing all of this so the boys, clubs staff and AFL can put on a show for you and commercialise it so that the sport and clubs don’t go under in these challenging times.

‘This is really important to remember. Hundreds of people working to put on games every week to ensure the future security of the sport and all of its employees (and fans!).’

Ms Wood said the families of players are definitely not winners chasing their partners in the hub around the country.

‘In no way was it my intention to ‘brag’ or ‘flaunt this situation’,’ her post continues.

‘And no. I couldn’t have done this alone at home. I’ve battled my own mental health challenges since 2011 and I would’ve crumbled.

‘I can know myself and accept this. I’m fully recovered and I still have moments and gateways that trigger me.

‘We live level 3 restrictions. No beach (for leisure). No restaurants. No family.

‘I’m not asking for compassion but I am asking SOME of you to walk a mile in my shoes before you shoot your mouth off and judge so quick.’

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