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Pregnant Brisbane hotel quarantine guest served a bread roll and rocket for dinner at 9pm

Hotel quarantine guests claim they aren’t being served three meals a day and are told to order their own food from UberEats. 

Australians in mandatory isolation at a hotel in Brisbane slammed the venue for their ‘terrible’ service and claim the conditions are worse than jail.  

A pregnant mother says she was forced to wait hours only to be served bread rolls and rocket for dinner after 9pm on Sunday.

Gina, who is 22 months pregnant, is quarantining at the hotel with her husband Grant and 16-month-old son and quickly became ‘distressed’.

The family already had a rough start to their quarantine, claiming to find a condom wrapper on the floor of the room when they arrived, The Courier Mail reported.

Despite attempting to contact hotel staff every ten minutes, the family claim they waited until 9pm for food.

Kelly, who did not disclose her surname, told the publication she waited almost 21 hours before she was finally given food and said staff had ignored her calls.

‘Meals are meant to come inside a two hour window, which they never ever arrive within and that’s if they arrive at all,’ she said.

‘We didn’t receive dinner at all last night (Sunday) and this morning breakfast came at 9.40 rather than the 7am-9am window, meaning we went just short of 21 hours without a meal from the hotel.’

Kelly said it has been painful getting through days without food, especially whens he has to breastfeed.

When she ran out of toilet paper Kelly desperately tried to get in contact with hotel staff but was left ignored, and a family member had to deliver some to her.

Another mother, Kate, spent hours complaining to the hotel about not being fed but was told to order UberEats instead at 10pm.

Kate also has a 16-month-old and is paying a total of $4,165 for the mandatory quarantine but her room has no space to sleep her son.

Instead, she is forced to keep her son’s cot in the bathroom as it is the only area of the room sectioned off with appropriate lighting for him to sleep.

‘My son is used to sleeping in his own room in the dark, I requested an adjoining room but was told I would have to pay double the costs,’ Kate said. 

Bec Schwarze was put in a room with just a double bed and a sofa bed along with her four children.

She claims staff told the children they should sleep ‘top and tail’ on the sofa bed for the 14 days.

Guests have flooded social media pleading for help and complaining about the terrible way they are being treats.

‘My husband had to talk to a police officer about moving hotels,’ one woman wrote on Facebook.

‘Each of the police officers we have spoken to has commented on how ill-equipped the [hotel] is for families and we should not be sent here.’

Another man said he had ‘no choice but to pay $65’ per day for food which has turned out to be ‘disgusting’.

‘If you want a water with your meal they charge $9 for a 600 mil bottle. Most meals are not edible,’ he said. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the hotel for comment.

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