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Pregnant Ashley James says she has back pain because of her ‘increasing’ breast size

PREGNANT Ashley James has revealed she is suffering from intense back pain because of her “increasing” breast size.

The DJ and influencer, 33, revealed she’s pregnant with her first baby with her boyfriend Tom Andrew last month.

But despite looking forward to becoming a mum, Ashley has today revealed her pregnancy is causing her to have horrific backache due to her breasts getting bigger.

Taking to Instagram, she shared a picture of herself in just her bra and jogging bottoms and wrote: “Let’s talk pregnancy & boobs. 👙 So after having a bit of a meltdown today after a bra fitting,

“I wanted to talk about my experience with big boobs and pregnancy.

“Because after talking about it on stories it made me feel like I wasn’t alone. So if you relate, you’re not alone. ❤️”

She went on: “Now in my second trimester, I have intense back pain, I can’t keep up with their ever increasing size, they swell out of all my bras and I’m at a loss with what to do for bras.”

Ashley and Tom revealed they were “beyond excited” to become parents

Ashley was single for six years before falling in love with Tommy.

The former Made In Chelsea star admitted to not being very maternal until she became pregnant.

Speaking to Hello, she said: “It’s been such a 360-degree shift for me. I’ve never been that maternal.

“When friends have been like ‘I want to meet someone, settle down and have children,’ I never felt the same. I guess I’ve been a free spirit.”

Ashley met Tom ten years ago but only began dating last October.

However, they can’t quite agree on their child’s name as they have different styles in mind.

Ashley said: “I like wild hippy names, the kind of names that A-list celebrities call their kids, and everyone’s like: ‘What?’ and Tommy’s like: ‘I don’t think so.'”

The Celebrity Big Brother star revealed the big news in July Instagram with a picture of her pet dog Snoop.

She captioned the image: “Tomorrow is a really big day and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to especially after being so quiet on here.

“So for today, I’m going to hang out with my bestest buddy Snoop… I hope you all have a beautiful day.”

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