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Popular $11 chicken product that sells out in New Zealand has finally come to Australia

A new vegan chicken made from yellow peas has launched in Australian supermarkets after constantly selling out in New Zealand since its release in 2017.


The Chicken Free Chicken from Sunfed replicates the texture and taste of chicken and is available at Coles for $11. 

‘It has a higher nutritional value than chicken; double the protein of chicken and triple the iron of beef – drawn directly from yellow peas, without compromising on the real taste of chicken,’ Shama Sukul Lee of Sunfed told 

It has been created to have the same ‘long, meaty fibres’ as real chicken and it also cooks the same as chicken.

Ms Lee raised $10 million to fund the expansion into the Australian market, which she didn’t expect to happen when they first launched.

The former engineer explained that her product isn’t just for vegetarians and vegans but for those looking for a clean source of protein.

‘Ultimately people are just looking for a clean source of protein that makes them feel good, and that’s our goal,’ she said.

‘I’m not out here to preach, all I am trying to do is empower consumers with choice and in order for that to happen I needed to create a product that was equal or better than what is already out there.’

Ms Lee told that she made the decision to use yellow peas because of the high amount of protein that can be found in a small portion.

She explained that they don’t need much fertiliser, not much water is used and they’re drought resistant.       

Although she had people originally told her it was a ‘stupid’ idea, the sales and positive customer feedback speaks for itself. 

People are taking to social media to share photos of the delicious meals they have made using the meat alternative. 

‘It is soooo good! I had chicken enchiladas with this in it and it tasted like the real deal,’ one happy customer said.  

‘Absolutely lives up to the hype, made an excellent pad Thai,’ said another. 

The food options have been proven to be endless, with a variety of different meals using the product being shown online.

People have made dumplings, sushi, burgers and curries incorporating the faux chicken. 

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