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Pool boy says Jerry Falwell Jr. told him to ‘go for it’ with Becki

The pool boy who had an affair with Jerry Falwell Jr’s wife Becki says he told him to ‘go for it’ with her the first time they had sex and that he waited for them on a bed, ‘drunk and giggling’ after telling him that they didn’t like swingers clubs and wanted an ‘intimate session’. 

Giancarlo Granda, now 29, appeared on Good Morning America on Friday morning to share more alleged details of his tawdry six-year relationship with the couple. 

He said Jerry is ‘lying’ about never being involved in his affair with Becki and that he ‘knew from day one’ but is now ‘trying to throw her under the bus’. 

The former Liberty University president claimed at first that he had no knowledge of their affair and that it devastated him to learn about it. He said Granda was lying in his claims that he ‘liked to watch them’, and that he has been trying to extort them. 

Granda, in his interview, rebuffed his denial. 

‘Jerry’s lying. That was his game plan from the beginning, to throw her under the bus. It speaks a lot about who he is, his character. He was aware from day one. 

EXCLUSIVE: Former pool attendant caught in middle of affair with wife of evangelical powerhouse Jerry Falwell Jr. speaks out to @GStephanopoulos.

‘He did in fact watch,’ he said.

Granda also shared more alleged details of his first meeting with the couple in 2012, when he was working at the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami as a pool boy. 

‘I was 20-years-old, working my way through college. I’m talking to guests and I notice this woman behind me… she was noticeably drunk. She was just flirting with me.

‘Towards the end of my work shift she was like, “hey, would you wanna go back to my hotel room.” As a single 20 year old, I’m like, “yeah of course.” 

‘Then she’s like, “just one thing. My husband wants to watch.” I thought it was a bit strange so I backed off and she said “he’s not going to do anything, he just likes to watch it’s his thing.”

‘She mentioned they were at a swingers club the night before – Miami Velvet – but that it was gross and there were too many people, they wanted a more intimate session,’ he said. 

Granda claims he then gave them his phone number and later, they called him from a blocked number. They arranged to meet in another hotel.

‘I walk into the lobby, Becki’s sitting there, we were both nervous. She offered me whiskey to calm my nerves,’ he said. 

When they went up to the room, Granda claims Jerry was ‘lying on the bed, drunk, giggling.’ 

He previously said he was in his Speedos.

‘I’m kind of weirded out…I say, “hey. At any point you get jealous or you want me to back off, let me know and I’ll walk right out of here.” 

‘He was like, “no, no. Just go for it.” 

When pushed for more details on what Jerry did while he and Becki had sex, Granda became coy. 

‘I don’t want to go too much into the details but he enjoyed watching,’ he said. 

Granda claims they then went away to the Florida Keys together and that the same pattern of him having sex with Becki while Jerry watched happened again. 

He also claims that Jerry offered him a real estate opportunity to make him money when he told him that he’d wanted to launch an organization giving therapy to young people who become addicted to video games, as he had as a teenager. 

Granda says their next trip was to New York City, where they stayed at the Gansevoort hotel. 

He previously alleged that they continued with their relationship for six years, during which time he was given a stake in a hostel in Miami that he continues to own but wants to sell. 

Granda said the couple’s claim that he was trying to extort them is ‘false and ridiculous’. 

‘It’s kind of ridiculous to think this 20-year-old with not many resources – I didn’t come from a family with a lot of money – was targeting and preying upon this power couple that have all the political connections and money in the world.

‘I feel like I was an ideal target for them,’ he said. 

He also claimed that he wanted to cut ties with the couple by selling his stake in their hostel. 

‘I never asked for more than what was promised to me,’ he said. 

It comes after a second man claimed Becki performed oral sex on him in 2008 after climbing into his bed while he was staying at the family’s farm in Cifax, Virginia. 

The man declined to be named but he spoke to Politico. He said he’d been at a band practice with the Falwells’ son, Trey, and that he stayed the night afterwards.

Becki and Jerry denied that man’s claims. 

Another pool boy, Gordon Bello, claims he had a ‘personal relationship’ with Becki too but he has not shared any more details of it.  

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