POLL: Will you avoid vacationing in Europe now that the EU has planned a tax for Britons?


POLL: Will you avoid vacationing in Europe now that the EU has planned a tax for Britons?

From 2023, British nationals will have to pre-register for visa-free travel to Europe by paying £6 every three years. This website wants to know if the £6 cost would deter you from taking European vacations. Fill out our survey and leave a comment to tell us more about what you think.

EU officials announced the cost two and a half months after Home Secretary Priti Patel acknowledged plans to charge EU citizens and other foreign nationals to enter the UK, though she did not specify the amount.

As part of the EU’s new European Travel Information and Authorisation System, citizens from more than 60 countries outside the Schengen free-travel zone, including the United States and Australia, will be forced to pay a £6 fee to pre-register for visa-free travel to Europe.

The visa will be valid for three years and can be used for many journeys once accepted, making the fee £2 each year.

Around 40 million individuals are estimated to be affected by the EU tax, which will be waived for those under the age of 18 and those over the age of 70.

How much should EU nationals be charged to visit the UK, in your opinion? Fill out the survey and share your thoughts in the comments area.

“Wow, that’s practically the price of a G&T (without the tonic) every three years,” British Unionist Andy Brown wrote on Twitter. What a mouthful!”

“Really!” said Lindsay Giles. What’s the big deal about £6 over three years?”

“If you can afford to fly to the EU, you probably won’t notice the charge,” another Twitter user remarked.

This £6 fee is perhaps the finest deal we’ve gotten since #Brexit! For the sake of comparison, the #UK charges the following fees for #visa applicants from outside the #EU.

£95 for a visit of less than 6 months Visits of more than 6 months are £361; transit is £35; and students are £348. £1330 for naturalization https://t.co/EAkluhUEdI

The registration process will be simple and rapid, according to EU officials, who claim that 95 percent of applications will be granted within minutes.

“The process will be straightforward, rapid, and affordable,” the European Commission stated.

Individuals will be turned away on arrival in EU nations and sent back to the UK if they have not filled out the requisite documentation, thus pre-registration is required.

Travellers will be required to disclose information on their identity, passport, education, employment, and recent travel experiences. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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