POLL: Was Boris right to turn down Nicola Sturgeon’s request to meet? VOTE


POLL: Was Boris right to turn down Nicola Sturgeon’s request to meet? VOTE

BORIS JOHNSON is on a tour of Scotland this week, but he turned down an invitation to meet with Nicola Sturgeon. Following the snub, this website asks if you believe the Prime Minister was correct in declining the offer, or if you think it would have been better to consent to a meeting? Please participate in our poll and leave a comment on this story.

88 days before the start of COP26 in Glasgow, the Prime Minister has been touring renewable energy wind farms with Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross. Mr Johnson said Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will play a “major role” in the COP26 summit, and that he expects her to “evangelize and exhort” people to take climate change seriously in a long BBC Scotland broadcast on Wednesday.

Ms Sturgeon decided to take advantage of Mr Johnson’s visit and sent him a public invitation on Twitter, saying, “I would be glad to welcome you at Bute House.”

“This could provide us with an opportunity… to talk about the present Covid situation and our different recovery strategies, focusing, of course, on the areas where our governments need to work together.”

“We differ politically,” she continued, “but our governments must collaborate where we can.”

“I am keen to organize an in-person meeting with you and the other first ministers and deputy first minister to build on the good discussions we had earlier this summer,” Mr Johnson wrote.

“I am looking forward to meeting with you soon and collaborating in the best interests of people across our country.”

He gently declined the offer, in other terms. Do you believe this was the appropriate decision?

In recent months, Scotland’s First Minister has been pushing hard for an independence referendum, and Mr Johnson may have avoided an awkward one-on-one clash.

Mr Johnson stated that Chancellor of the Duchy Michael Gove has met with Ms Sturgeon on a regular basis to discuss a number of topics, but some opponents claim that he is passing the blame and not confronting Scotland’s unity difficulties hard on.

Mr Johnson’s visit to Scotland this week is his first in the country since January.

He plainly did not organize a meeting with the Prime Minister, preferring to meet with her at the “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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