POLL: Should non-vehicle-owning Britons receive £1,000 as planned in Germany?


POLL: Should non-vehicle-owning Britons receive £1,000 as planned in Germany?

People who do not own a car could be rewarded £1,000 per year as part of a Berlin campaign to encourage people to be more ecologically conscious – but what do the visitors of this website think of the idea?

Vote in our poll on whether people who do not own a car should be granted £1,000 each year. Also, in the comments section, tell us more about what you think.

Our poll comes as campaigners from Changing Cities and the Institute for Urban Mobility advocate for a yearly payout to those in Berlin who do not own a car.

People who travel by foot, bicycle, car sharing, bus, or train in Berlin would get 1,100 euros (£942) per year under the Berlin Free Road Premium.

An annual pass for all Berlin public transportation costs roughly 1,000 euros (£856).

Campaigners claim that the system might reduce the number of cars on Berlin’s roads by 60,000 per year.

However, the effort is expected to cost roughly one billion euros (856 million).

“This gives people back living space on their doorstep, which is a great additional value,” urban planner and co-initiator Tim Lehmann told German newspaper Zeit.

“The free road bonus can work well in large cities like Berlin, Hamburg, or Munich,” said transport researcher Andreas Knie, head of the Berlin Social Science Centre’s digital mobility research division.

Mr Knie calculated that half of car owners in Germany’s capital, where 1.2 million vehicles are registered, could live without their vehicle.

However, the expert cautioned that public transportation would need to be improved.

“Those who are used to driving a car are used to a different service,” he explained. Mobility must be simple, straightforward, and intuitive to use.”

On Twitter, the suggestion elicited a mixed response.

“No. Next question,” said Martin Daubney, a commentator and former MEP for the Brexit Party.

“Surely they are forgetting rural places where a bus is an uncommon sighting?” another Twitter user wondered.

“Everyone seems to believe that we all live in cities with numerous buses, trams, tubes, and trains. We don’t have any.”

“Make public transportation free, and people will use it,” said a third.

“Yes, public transportation may vastly improve if passenger numbers skyrocket, bringing in competing companies and reduced fares,” added another.

“Obviously, public transportation in the countryside is problematic if everyone drives and bus operators don’t make any money.”

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