POLL: Do you hold the UK or the US administration responsible for the current state of affairs in Afghanistan?


POLL: Do you hold the UK or the US administration responsible for the current state of affairs in Afghanistan?

On Thursday, a horrible terror strike at Kabul airport killed over 170 people and injured another 200. Both the United Kingdom and the United States have been accused of failing to prevent the assault and safeguard innocent bystanders. When it comes to the UK and the US, this website wants to know where you think the guilt lays.

According to the Pentagon, they attempted to lock down the airport gate that eventually became the location of a suicide bomber attack, but Britain refused. During a conference 24 hours before the attack, Pentagon officials feared a “mass casualty” attack at Hamid Karzai International Airport and warned that the Abbey Gate was the “highest risk,” according to leaked transcripts obtained by Politico.

American commanders announced preparations to close the gate on Thursday, but Britain said it wanted to keep it open to continue evacuation attempts.

Six hours later, an ISIS-K bomber wearing a suicide vest opened fire at Abbey gate, killing approximately 200 people and blasting them into the nearby sewage canal.

Boris Johnson has refuted claims that the UK asked the US to leave a gate at Kabul airport open despite military intelligence warnings of an impending terrorist strike.

“It is simply not correct to claim that we pushed to keep the gate open,” said the Prime Minister’s official spokeswoman.

“The UK shifted operations out of the Baron Hotel in reaction to a change in travel advice before of the incident last week.”

The Pentagon’s claim, according to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, is “simply not true.”

“We worked closely with the US, particularly around the Isis-K danger, which we foresaw but regrettably were unable to avoid, but it is certainly correct to say we got our people out of the processing center through Abbey Gate,” he added.

However, after the UK foreign office provided instructions telling people not to go to Kabul airport, Afghan nationals were instructed by officials at the British embassy to proceed to Abbey Gate on the day of the suicide bombing, according to documents obtained by BBC Newsnight on Tuesday.

The British embassy’s emails advised visitors to “use the Abbey Gate [near]the Baron Hotel,” while another asked a former Afghan interpreter if he was in the correct location.

“Please confirm that you are at the correct gate?” it asked. “Brinkwire Summary News,” Abbey says.


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