Police Scotland: Two puppies recruited for K9 unit


Police Scotland have announced a new wave of dog recruits to their K9 unit.

Puppies Pyro and Duer will be trained as general purpose dogs.

Trainee Police Dog (TPD) Pyro is a 13-week-old Belgian Malinois, while TPD Duer is a 9-week-old German Shepherd.TPD Pyro

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Although TPD Pyro and TPD Duer may be small, they will be large dogs in the near future.

Belgian Malinois can grow up to 66cm in height and can weight up to 30kg, while German Shepherds can be 65cm tall and weigh 40kg.

Police dogs are a very important part of police Scotland’s work.

The duties of a general purpose dog include looking for missing persons, searching for evidence and looking for individuals who may be evading the police.

TPD Duer

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Police dogs tend to live with their police handlers and work until they are between eight and 10 years old. Once they retire, most of the handlers keep them as pets.

The most commons breeds of police dogs are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Bloodhounds and Dutch Shepherds.

Police Scotland said in a Facebook post: “Say hello to our two newest K9 recruits, TPD Pyro and TPD Duer!

“Pyro, a 13 week old Malinois pup, and Duer, a 9 week old German Shepherd pup, will be trained to be general purpose dogs”.


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