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Police officer slams crowd who filmed and CHEERED his teenage attacker

A police officer who was brutally attacked by a teenager while responding to an assault has blasted the baying crowd who filmed the onslaught.

Disturbing footage from Friday night shows Pc Brown of Bedfordshire Police sprawled on the road in Thrales Close, Luton, while a 17-year-old rains down punches.

The constable was repeatedly battered in the face but luckily escaped the frenzied attack with just a bruised eye. 

The teenager has been charged with assault, but Pc Brown, who asked that his first name is not used, also took aim at the spectators who cheered while happily videoing the violence.

In the early hours of Saturday, he tweeted: ‘Assaulted again tonight. Punched several times to the face. 

‘Nice bruise above my eye. Crowd of people on looking find it funny and film it. None tried to help. 

‘Whole can of PAVA (pepper spray) used and male arrested a short time later.’

After footage of the shocking episode quickly spread online, Pc Brown, a Team 4 response officer in Luton, tweeted again: ‘For everyone asking, I’m fine. Just a few bruises. 

‘My student was taking a statement and I went outside to try and calm down an ongoing neighbour dispute. 

‘Which resulted in the male attacking me. PAVA was ineffective. He was later arrested and charged for the assault.’ 

The video shows the police officer grappling on the floor with the 17-year-old teenager, while a civilian woman is also seen outstretched on the tarmac.

Another man behind the camera screams: ‘Do him! Do him! Bang him up!’

To wild whooping, the teenager overpowers Pc Brown and scrambles to his feet before landing a flurry of vicious blows with his fist.

More people rush in, seemingly trying to wrench the teenager off, although it is unclear, but the officer continues to be smashed in the face.

The attacker is finally pulled away and Pc Brown is left on the floor clutching his head.

A second video taken later in the evening appears to show the 17-year-old pinned down on the floor by a team of police officers who have arrived at the scene. 

The boy has been released on bail and is due to appear at Luton Youth Court in September. 

John Apter, chair of the Police Federation, replied to Pc Brown’s reassurance he was OK and said: ‘Good to hear this, a big relief.’ 

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