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Police officer ‘left screaming for help after being struck by car at stabbing scene’

A HERO police officer was left “sobbing uncontrollably” after he was reportedly ‘deliberately’ hit by a car at the scene of a stabbing.

He was struck after a white car reportedly went through tape surrounding the scene of the knifing at Manor House Tube station in Finsbury Park, north east London, in the early hours of this morning.

The officer suffered minor injuries to his arm and leg and was treated for shock, the Met Police says.

No arrests have been made and investigations continue.

Community reverend Efrayim Goldstein told the Mirror he was one of the first to help, unzipping the PC’s jacket so he could breathe properly.

He said the officer had been standing behind the cordon when the car ploughed through the tape.

Although the officer signalled for the car to stop, the driver carried on before suddenly swerving at the last second, hitting the PC’s leg and arm.

“He was not breathing properly. He said ‘Please help me'”, Mr Goldstein said.

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“He was kneeling onto the other officer and then went back on to the ground.

“I then supported his back with my body so he could open his zip.

“He was lucky. He could’ve died. He was screaming and crying.”

The initial stabbing happened at around 2am before the officer was injured just before 2.40am, it’s reported.

A witness said the stabbing victim screamed for help after the officer was struck.

The woman, 42, told Sun Online: “It seems somebody got stabbed in the buttocks.

“He was bleeding but he seemed alright – he got in the ambulance.

“We saw the police officer crying his eyes out, sobbing.

“He was sobbing uncontrollably.

“He was just sitting on the ground, I would say shouting uncontrollably.

“[The man who got stabbed] was just screaming, ‘Help, help’.

“The police officer looked like he was having a panic attack more than he had been hit by a car.

“Round here it’s a weekly incident at the moment. There’s always something going down.”

The police officer left in a car with his colleagues, she added.

Officials from Met Police said this morning: “Police were called at 1.55am to reports of a stabbing at the junction of Green Lanes and Seven Sisters Road.

“Officers and the London Ambulance Service attended.

“A 28-year-old man was taken to hospital with a stab injury. His condition is not life-threatening.

“No arrests have been made and enquiries continue. 

“At approximately 2.35am, an officer responding to the incident came in close contact with a car travelling past the scene.

“Fortunately, the car only brushed past the officer and did not fully collide with him. He wasn’t injured but was treated by paramedics for shock.”

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