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Police called as man ‘returns’ fly-tipped rubbish to neighbours

A frustrated landowner has taken revenge on neighbours accused of fly-tipping tons of rubbish on his land – by chucking it back over the garden wall. 

Cliff Hamilton purchased the overgrown plot on Bath Road in Hounslow, west London, nine months ago and had the site secured with high fences, padlocks and chains.

But recently he was sent an anonymous letter warning that piles of rubbish – including televisions, doors and tyres – were being dumped on his land.

Mr Hamilton accused his neighbour of being the culprit as ‘the rubbish could not have come from any other place’.

‘None of the overgrown plot was trampled down,’ he said. ‘I was sent photos of the neighbours in my garden treading down the rubbish’.

On August 14 he marched to the plot with builders and hurled the abandoned household items over the brick wall – to the horror of his neighbours. 

Video shows Mr Hamilton and builder friends slinging the rubbish out of their plot and into their neighbours’ garden.

An irate woman wearing a white cardigan can be seen stomping into view and shouting: ‘What are you doing?!’

‘We’re giving you back everything that you put over our wall,’ replies Mr Hamilton.

The woman is joined by a man who launches a tirade at Mr Hamilton and his friends as they continue to ‘return’ the rubbish.

‘You are an irresponsible next door neighbour who’s getting it all back!,’ shouts Mr Hamilton. The angry neighbours rung the police for support. But the man started shouting at them.

Mr Hamilton said: ‘I was made aware by an anonymous person that large volumes of rubbish were being dumped in the rear of the site, which is fenced on all sides. 

‘My reason for delivering the stuff back in the manner I did is because I have no faith in either Environmental Health or the police in resolving any of these matters even when there is evidence on the ground in the bags and a photograph of a vehicle on the site. 

‘I am reaching the end of my tether with people dumping rubbish everywhere because they are either too lazy or wish to save their money. 

‘I intend to speak to my neighbour via my lawyers and offer him the opportunity to pay for the clearance of the rubbish prior to taking any legal action. 

‘The law of this country needs reviewing with regard to dumping of materials on anybody’s land illegally. 

‘I would like to thank the police for their actions on the day and can only apologise for the behaviour of my neighbours towards the police officers who were entirely professional.’

Filings with Companies House show at least five companies have been registered to the neighbours address, including Central London Property Maintenance Ltd, Central London Sales & Letting Management Ltd and Handmade Sushi Ltd.

Accounts for the first business reveal it is dormant with cash at the bank of £1, while the second business was only incorporated on August 2 this year.

A spokesman for the Met police said they were called to a dispute between two neighbours.

‘Officers attended and established it was a civil matter,’ they said. ‘No arrests were made.’ 

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