Police arrive in a riot van to ensure that the 12-year-old girl is not self-isolating.


Police arrive in a riot van to ensure that the 12-year-old girl is not self-isolating.

After a 12-year-old girl tested positive for COVID-19, police arrived in a riot van at her family’s home to ensure she was self-isolating.

After authorities visited her home twice to check Charlotte was self-isolating, Kathryn Crook, 45, wants officers to apologize to her family. Their treatment, according to the mother, made her daughter “petrified.”

My kid was standing behind me, crouched, terrified, like if she had done something wrong.

Crook, Kathryn

The Manchester Evening News reported that officers first arrived at the house on Sunday.

“They wouldn’t tell me or my husband why they wanted to speak to my daughter,” Kathryn added.

“I reminded them that she was just 12 years old and that they should contact me as her mother.

“By this time, my daughter was crouching behind me, terrified, believing she had done something wrong.

“The female police officer who stood outside our door then began to shout through to my daughter, checking to see whether she had been isolating.

“I spent Monday trying to figure out why this happened, only to be told that the Rochdale Public Health Department had given permission for it to happen.”

However, officers with the riot van returned to the property in Middleton, Greater Manchester, on Monday night.

“It was the cops again, this time in a riot van and come to ‘check’ that my daughter was isolating,” Kathryn, a work placement officer at Tameside College, claimed.

“This irritated both my husband and me. All of this was witnessed by our neighbors, who came out to show their support for us.

“They could see what had transpired, and having a riot van on the street is a little excessive.”

“This time, though, the officer was courteous and forthcoming, unlike the previous night’s two officers. My daughter was furious again again, and she had another meltdown, believing the cops were going to arrest her.

“I’ve since spoken to a public health specialist at Rochdale Council who blames NHS Test and Trace for everything and claims that if I had mentioned we were all isolating, the situation would not have escalated to this point.”

Kathryn wrote to her Member of Parliament, Chris Clarkson, to voice her dissatisfaction, and his office is currently looking into what transpired.

“Brinkwire Summary News” is what Charlotte has been isolating and working from.


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