Polexit cascade: Macron’s opponents seize on Frexit pledges ahead of important elections.


Polexit cascade: Macron’s opponents seize on Frexit pledges ahead of important elections.

The primacy of Polish laws above EU regulations, as decided by Poland’s top court, has triggered a Frexit discussion among French presidential hopefuls.

On Thursday, Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal determined that portions of EU law are incompatible with the country’s constitution. By anti-Polexit protestors who went to the streets of Poland on Sunday, the judgment was regarded as undermining the legal pillar on which the 27-nation EU stands.

Protests were held in over 100 towns and cities across Poland, as well as numerous locations abroad, according to the organizers, with 80,000-100,000 people assembling in Warsaw alone, waving Polish and EU flags and yelling “We are staying.”

The matter generated a heated debate in France about legal sovereignty, with Emmanuel Macron’s declared and unproclaimed opponents praising Poland and pushing for a similar approach in France.

“By establishing the supremacy of its constitutional law over European laws, Poland is exercising its legitimate and inalienable right to sovereignty,” National Rally leader Marine Le Pen, who is expected to challenge Mr Macron in the last round of the 2022 elections, said.

“Poland came to remind a European Union tempted by the establishment of a Jacobin dictatorship that each people is entitled to define its laws” by an act of judges that “does not differ in any way from the procedure of the Court of Karlsruhe [German constitutional court], quite admitted in the case of Germany.”

Eric Zemmour, a far-right polemicist who has yet to declare himself a presidential contender, likewise issued a press release on Friday morning headed “It is time to return French law to its priority over European law.”

“The European Commission is waging an aggressive legal campaign against those who disagree with its ideological stance. “It is critical that France join these countries in their fight for liberty,” he added.

“Ultimately, what you propose is Frexit,” said MEP Agir Fabienne Keller on Twitter, “a 60-year retro for which we would pay a high price.”

The French government, for its part, criticized a “attack on the EU” by Poland, which it defined as “very dangerous,” through the voice of Clément Beaune, the French Secretary of State for European Affairs.

“It is neither a technological nor a legal issue.” “Brinkwire Summary News” is a highly political topic that is part of a long line of provocations against the EU.


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