PMQs LIVE: Speaker of the House of Commons silences Labour as Boris defends Priti Patel in racism row


PMQs LIVE: Speaker of the House of Commons silences Labour as Boris defends Priti Patel in racism row

BORIS JOHNSON backed Priti Patel in the wake of Labour’s criticism of her response to racism at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Three black members of the England team were attacked with racial abuse online after the team’s painful penalty shootout loss in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday. Labour accused the government of supplying ammo for the attacks, which dominated PMQs.

The inability of the Prime Minister and Priti Patel to criticize those booing players who take a knee in protest of racism, according to the opposition, has exacerbated the situation.

Tyrone Mings, an Aston Villa defender, accused the Home Secretary of attempting to “fuel the flames.”

The government’s critics grew louder after Conservative MPs said England players should “concentrate on sport, not politics.”

“The Prime Minister has failed the leadership test,” according to Sir Keir Starmer.

PMQs have come to an end for another week.

This was the last session of Parliament before it adjourns for the summer at the end of next week.

Racism was a major topic of discussion throughout the weekly half-hour session.

Mr. Johnson used the meeting to pledge to combat internet abuse.

“The communities of Leslie, Markinch, Thornton, and Woodside in my constituency are all losing or have already lost their post offices since 2019,” says SNP MP Peter Gran.

“Given that his government owns the post office 100 percent, what does it take for him to admit that the model isn’t working?”

“When it comes to protecting and assisting Post Offices, especially rural Post Offices, as he (Grant) was driving at, this Government will do everything it can to defend them,” Mr Johnson responds.

The response makes the SNP shake his head.

According to Labour MP Peter Kyle, 800,000 students are currently self-isolating as a result of coronavirus measures.

He expects the autumn semester to be “severely impacted” right now.

If the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation approves, he requests that all adolescents be administered a vaccine over the summer.

Mr Johnson dodges the subject by saying it’s a “matter for the JCVI.”

“The Prime Minister’s dog-whistling has followed him into Downing Street,” Ian Blackford asserts.

“This UK Government’s own report on racism concluded there was no systemic problem in the UK in March,” he continues. I believe the England Men’s Football Team would disagree.

“Does the Prime Minister, after the terrible racism on display over the last week.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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