Please resign right now! MEPs demand that the head of an EU agency accused of “illegal” activity be fired.


Please resign right now! MEPs demand that the head of an EU agency accused of “illegal” activity be fired.

After suspicions of a cover-up of illegal migrant crossings, the head of the EU’s border agency has been pushed to resign.

In a European Parliament report, Frontex executive director Fabrice Leggeri was accused of assisting the destruction of damning evidence of an illegal pushback by the Greek coastguard. According to a committee of MEPs investigating the EU’s Warsaw-based border and coastguard, video evidence collected by one of the agency’s drones was erased. Frontex filmed migrants attempting to enter Greece from Turkey in April 2020, when they were intercepted by the Greek coastguard.

It was reported that they were left abandoned in their dinghy in Turkish seas after the craft’s engine was removed.

Mr Leggeri “asked” that Frontex’s fundamental rights officer “delete all information acquired,” according to a report by Dutch MEP Tineke Strik.

It was also stated that he had the incident categorized because no human rights breaches were involved.

Ms Strik told Mr Leggeri about the claims, she said yesterday.

According to the Dutch MEP, he informed her that Turkey posed a “hybrid threat” and that the “political situation” needed to be considered.

Ms Strik stated that Frontex’s video contradicted her version of events.

There was “no trace at all” of Turkish authorities interfering, she said, adding, “There was simply the Greek coastguard and that rubber boat, therefore I cannot conceive of any rationale for behaving in that way.”

Frontex disputed the study, claiming that its authors found “no evidence of the agency’s involvement in any human rights violation.”

There had been “no deletion or reclassification,” according to a spokeswoman.

According to the Agency, the Greek coastguard returned the migrants to their Turkish colleagues, who subsequently dragged their boat away.

However, the EU Parliament report has increased pressure on Mr. Leggeri to resign as the head of Frontex.

The findings, according to Iratxe Garcia Perez, the socialist MEP leader, “recommend an urgent transformation in the Frontex culture, to bring it in line with our values and beliefs.”

“This can only be accomplished with fresh leadership,” she continued.

“For months, we S&Ds have been advocating for a change. I’m hoping that the Commission and the Council will pay attention now,” the Spaniard told Politico.

MEP from the left-wing “Leggeri must resign immediately,” Cornelia Ernst stated.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” Malik Azmani, vice-president.


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