Please, no more whining! According to a research, France holds more UK fishing licenses than the rest of the continental EU27.


Please, no more whining! According to a research, France holds more UK fishing licenses than the rest of the continental EU27.

Despite President Emmanuel Macron’s comments on access to British seas, a surprising new analysis has revealed that France has more fishing licenses in UK waters than every other continental member of the European Union combined.

According to Facts4EU, the total tonnage of French fishing vessels permitted to operate in UK waters far outnumbers the Royal Navy’s whole fleet of frigates combined. Meanwhile, Leigh Evans, the report’s author, has accused Mr Macron of attempting to “bully” Britain, dismissing French complaints as “absurd.”

The pro-Brexit research group used data from the Government’s Marine Management Organisation published last week to argue that, despite the fierce opposition, France did not have as bad a deal as has been portrayed.

Furthermore, the total tonnage of French fishing ships operating in UK waters (81,874 tonnes) comfortably outweighs the weight of the Royal Navy’s 12 frigates, according to the Facts study (58,800 tonnes).

Since the beginning of the year, 1681 EU vessels have been granted licenses to enter British waters (within 200 nautical miles), according to MMO figures.

Only Ireland (364), with a total of 738, came close to matching the number of French vessels.

France accounts for 44% of the total when Ireland is included, and 56% when Ireland is excluded.

Nonetheless, after learning that the UK had only awarded 12 out of a possible 47 licenses to smaller French fishing boats, French officials expressed their dissatisfaction this week.

Authorities in Jersey have refused to award fishing licenses to 75 French fishing vessels for access to its seas beginning October 30.

Only 35 small vessels from the EU27 fleet have been denied licenses, owing to their inability to demonstrate that they fished inside the 6-12 nautical mile territorial seas off the British coast prior to Brexit.

France’s Maritime Minister, Ms Girardin, has stated that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is “dragging its feet or failing to live up to its pledges.”

She also warned that reprisal from France might include energy supply, educational exchanges, trade flows, and train connections.

“History tells us, and most people’s everyday experiences confirm it, that the best way to cope with a bully is to stand up to him or her,” Mr Evans said.

“It’s been more over five years since the British people chose to leave the. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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