Plastic pollution has worsened throughout the pandemic, according to the majority of Britons.


Plastic pollution has worsened throughout the pandemic, according to the majority of Britons.

According to a poll, nine out of ten individuals are concerned about plastic pollution, with the majority saying the problem has gotten worse since the pandemic began. Plastic litter concerns at least 92 percent of Britons, with two-thirds believing it is as bad as or worse than it was before the coronavirus outbreak last year.

According to a research conducted by City to Sea and Friends of the Earth for World Refill Day, nearly 80% of individuals are actively taking steps to limit their usage of single-use plastic and believe firms are not doing enough.

In the previous year, one-third of people stated they had a reusable container, such as a coffee cup, refused by a business.

“The findings are in, and they couldn’t be clearer: public support for a world where plastic waste isn’t choking our oceans, landscapes, and animals is resounding,” Friends of the Earth plastics campaigner Camilla Zerr said.

“Covid has been understandably diverting attention away from the plastic pollution catastrophe.

“It is imperative that we now double down and make this a priority as part of our efforts to return to a greener state.”

To help save the world, the Daily Express Green Britain Needs You campaign is supporting the battle on plastics by pushing for a total ban on bags made of it.

According to the two green organizations, retailers should make it easy for customers to choose plastic-free choices by pushing refillable products in their stores and developing packaging-free aisles.

“This World Refill Day, we’re encouraging everyone to get involved and find out what they can refill and reuse, showing businesses that demand is there and rebuilding some of the habits that we lost during the pandemic, like carrying a reusable water bottle or using a reusable cup,” said Jo Morley, City to Sea’s Head of Campaigns.

Is there a more iconic and yet troubling image of plastic waste than the floating plastic bags in our oceans? City to Sea is happy to have sponsored the Daily Express’s anti-single-use plastic bag campaign.

Especially when there are so many options, such as robust paper bags (thank you, Morrisons!) or reusable shopping bags.

Many of us have taken eco-actions without even realizing it. For example, instead of buying pricey water in single-use plastic bottles, take reusable water bottles with you, or bring reusable shopping bags with you. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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