Plane crashes into homes near Santee, California, causing inferno and killing at least 2 (VIDEOS).


The plane, a twin-engine Cessna C340, crashed down onto a residential street in Santee, a suburban area of San Diego County, early on Monday afternoon. A fire department spokesman told local media that at least two people were confirmed dead in the crash so far, though said that toll could rise, and added that two people had been taken to hospital for treatment. Their current condition is unknown.

⚠️🇺🇸#URGENT: Emerging report of a plane crash into several homes near San Diego, California#Santee l #CAWitnesses report the plane was listing from wingtip to wingtip before crashing. Several homes are destroyed and several casualties are being reported.Updates to follow!

The spokesman described the scene as “brutal,” and said that it will take some time to determine how many more people died. It is unknown how many passengers were on the plane, but the official described the crash as “unsurvivable.”

A small plane has crashed, possibly hitting a delivery truck, near the campus of Santana High School in the Santee area.The crash has sparked a fire that has heavily damaged two homes.No confirmation of any injuries at this time.More info:

The cause of the crash remains under investigation, and city officials said the debris field spans approximately one residential block.

Footage from the scene suggests that at least two buildings were seriously damaged in the crash, which occurred just blocks from a high school.

Plane crash in Santee a few minutes ago. Heard the plane and what felt like an earthquake. Heard a steady stream of sirens @[email protected]

All the school’s students were reported safe, though lockdown measures were briefly put in place on campus. Meanwhile, photos shared on social media showed a devastated crash site, and a thick column of black smoke rising into the air.

Reports of a plane crashing into a home in Santee.

My sister in law sent this… she lives a block down

As crews extinguished the burning buildings, Santee fire officials said that a UPS truck and two homes were nearly destroyed in the incident. Two people inside one of the dwellings sustained burn injuries, according to fire chief John Garlow, while another fire official noted that two or three other houses were damaged. Power was cut off from at least 10 homes as responders worked the scene, though the fires are now extinguished.

UPS later confirmed to local media that. Brinkwire Summary News. For more information, search on the internet.


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