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Pirates are enforcing social distancing among tourists in a Cornish town

PIRATES are enforcing a town’s social distancing rules among tourists.

The swashbuckling buccaneers are keeping the streets safe by making pedestrians stay to the left on the pavement.

Armed with a cutlass and pistol, pirates also require everybody to keep a two-metre distance in Falmouth, Cornwall.

It is the latest initiative by the town’s council to keep tourists and Cornish locals safe during the bank holiday weekend.

Town manager Richard Gates said: “Pirates are working with Falmouth Town Council to keep the streets safe for visitors not abiding to the Covid-19 rules.

“They are doing a swashbuckling job by walking the streets with cutlasses in full pirate attire to make sure people stay safe.”

Cornwall has seen visitor numbers soar since the lockdown eased.

And Falmouth has seen thousands of tourists cram into its streets over the past few months.

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