Pigs attack a golf course, injuring two people and destroying the greens.


Pigs attack a golf course, injuring two people and destroying the greens.

A pair of enormous black pigs assaulted a golf course in West Yorkshire, injuring two people.

On Sunday, the hogs wreaked havoc at Lightcliffe Golf Club in Hipperholme, near Halifax, before returning two days later to wreak even more mayhem. Two persons who tried to herd the pigs off the course were bitten and had to go to A&E when the piglets charged them, according to club member David Jackson, whose garden the pigs tried to invade.

He stated, ” “They were large, lumbering creatures, yet they could move when they wanted to. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” When asked about the state of the injured, Mr Jackson said: “They’re in good shape. I was taken aback, but I was alright.” He described the creatures as a hybrid between wild boars and Vietnamese pot bellied pigs, noting that they were 50 percent larger than a regular pig, albeit the actual breed is unknown.

During their rampage, the two left their mark by creating their own holes to the 18-hole course.

They vanished after causing havoc, but reappeared on Tuesday after eluding the guards and making their way onto a major thoroughfare, halting traffic.

Mr. Jackson stated, ” “One pig approached a passing automobile and placed its snout directly on the radiator.

“It was just in front of the vehicle. Inside, no one did anything. People honked their horns, but [the pigs]remained still. They were unconcerned. They were monstrous beasts.” One of the enormous monsters was noticed by James Hart, who had simply gone out to pick up his wife’s car and walk the dog.

He called the RSPCA and the police, then teamed up with a woman in an attempt to entice it off the road and down a snicket so it wouldn’t obstruct traffic.

Despite their efforts, the pig refused to move, and the two were forced to guide traffic around it.

According to Mr. Hart, who spoke to the Halifax Courier, “It tried to attack the woman twice, and it also tried to bite me. It was a significant event with considerable clout. It has a huge snout on it.

“If you’d struck it, your car would have been written off.”

The pig was eventually caught when a passing driver came to a halt and directed the vehicle with the assistance of a police officer. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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