Piers Morgan’s wife was unconcerned about their encounter in a pub with Meghan Markle. What a fool!


Piers Morgan’s wife was unconcerned about their encounter in a pub with Meghan Markle. What a fool!

Celia Walden, the wife of PIERS MORGAN, has spoken out about her “foolish” decision not to meet Meghan Markle.

Over the last few years, Piers Morgan has made his feelings regarding Meghan Markle extremely obvious. His wife, on the other hand, has stated that she almost met Prince Harry before marrying him.

When Celia Walden was working as an editor for The Daily Telegraph, their paths almost collided.

Although she claimed that when Piers asked her on a pub trip to Kensington, her nose for a story failed her.

He was on his way to The Scarsdale bar to meet a Suits actress.

Celia, on the other hand, declined since she believed her husband was not a “ladies’ guy.”

“That would be a bit much on top of everything else,” she joked.

“Why would I want to go and meet this actress Piers has been tweeting, I thought,” Celia told The Telegraph magazine.

“So I said no, which was a terrible mistake.”

Piers has made a lot of noise over his meeting with Meghan Markle.

Their bond developed after he began following several of the Suits actors on Twitter.

Meghan followed him back, and the two are said to have struck up a conversation.

Piers tweeted in 2016 about meeting Meghan at a Kensington pub.

“Great to finally meet you too @meghanmarkle,” he wrote.

“Just wishing we could have jigged in @ScarsdaleW8. “It was a missed opportunity.”

“Meghan and I chatted for 90 minutes,” Piers wrote in the Daily Mail about their rendezvous.

“Long enough for me to learn a lot about the new Royal girlfriend.”

“The next night, she was spotted in Soho House with Prince Harry,” he continued.

“It’s no wonder he’s smitten with her or that he’s so protective of their relationship.”

Piers, on the other hand, claims Meghan “ghosted” him after their meeting and the two haven’t communicated since.

Celia recently joked about her magazine interview ending up in the recycling bin.

She uploaded a photo of the problem in the trash that was emailed to her by a friend.

“What kind of buddy sends you a picture of her recycling bins with the caption: ‘That’s showbiz?’” she added. “It’s my kind.”

Several well-known friends reacted to the amusing photo on social media.

Below the post, Amanda Holden added a laughing face emoji.

“Could have been worse – they could have drawn a beard on your face, then thrown it away,” said presenter Pip Tomsom.


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