Piers Morgan’s ‘personal hate’ of Meghan Markle is slammed by Dr. Shola.


Piers Morgan’s ‘personal hate’ of Meghan Markle is slammed by Dr. Shola.

Dr. Shola, an activist, attacked free speech, accusing Piers Morgen of “putting his personal hatred” into his statements against the Duchess of Sussex.

Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, an activist, has attacked Piers Morgan for bringing his “personal hate” of Meghan Markle to a national forum. TalkRadio James Max, on the other hand, fought back, claiming that the former ITV presenter has a right to freedom of speech.

Dr. Shola remarked on the Jeremy Vine show that Piers Morgan “constantly used his [ITV] platform as his own living room…”

“He didn’t believe her [Meghan Markle],” Jeremy Vine added.

“It wasn’t just about his not believing,” Dr. Shola said.

People try to simplify things to just freedom of speech and expression.

“Freedom of speech does have consequences, and he’s a broadcaster.

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“He interjected his personal animosity toward Meghan Markle into the discussion!”

“I think it’s extremely essential to appreciate that the arguments here, and I can understand why you could say what you say,” TalkRadio presenter James Max remarked.

“By any stretch of the imagination, I don’t agree with what Piers Morgan says.

“However, having someone with her position, Meghan’s power, to be able to call up his supervisor and apply pressure in the way she did, which resulted in him losing his job, is despicable in my opinion.

“And the things she and Harry have done, in especially, to use their popularity and reputation to profit from the royal family, which we fund, are reprehensible.”

“I think for Piers to be allowed to express himself in the way that he likes,” he continued. Good!

“Ofcom was correct. He is correct. He did an excellent job. Congratulations, Ofcom.

“I’m sick of people not saying what they think of each other.”

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“I respectfully,” Dr. Shola responded. Your.”Brinkwire Summary News” is categorically rejected.


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