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Piers Morgan says he’s been shamed into weight loss plan after gaining half a stone on holiday

PIERS Morgan has revealed he’s been shamed into dieting after gaining half a stone during lockdown.

In our wide-ranging interview, the Good Morning Britain star gave his frank thoughts on everything from Harry and Meghan and Extinction Rebellion to the Wagatha Christie drama.

And he talked about his new diet plan, which will see him dramatically reduce his booze intake.

Since returning to our screens following a six-week stint holidaying in the South of France, Piers is bigger and better than ever before – quite literally, on both fronts.

Whilst GMB scored record audience figures last week, Piers himself is also a generous half stone bigger.

With an ego, by his own admission, large enough to circumnavigate the globe (twice), the Arsenal fan isn’t exactly lacking in confidence.

But Piers, married to stunning journalist Celia, admits he has been shamed into dieting after piling on the pounds – and being dubbed ‘seven chins’.

As well as his new booze limits, he has embarked on a stringent diet and employed former Olympian and personal trainer Sarah Lindsay.

Chatting over scrambled eggs, (wholemeal) toast (without butter) and grilled tomatoes at a West London private members club, Piers says: “Susanna calls me ‘Chubster’ and ‘Fatso’.

“Even Dr Hilary piled in, and he’s a doctor! He said, ‘at least I’m not overweight,’ and cackled like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. 

“And Kevin Pieterson calls me ‘seven chins’, which isn’t very nice. I’m trying to get them down to six.”

So how’s he doing it?

“I’m going to see a new personal trainer, and unfortunately Celia’s taken it all quite seriously, so suddenly it’s all the good stuff’s gone and all the kale’s come in and the quinoa and vegetables. A lot of vegetables. A lot of salmon. 

“A lot less Bordeaux – I’m down to one glass a night. 

“And, well, during the summer, a lot of cheese went down my gullet, and it was a couple of bottles of white. Quite comfortably. Depending on the quality, and maybe a little more.”

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