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Piece of LEGO falls out of little boy’s nose TWO YEARS after he shoved it up nostril and it mysteriously vanished

A LEGO piece has fallen out of a boy’s nose after being stuck there for two years.

Seven-year-old Sameer Anwar stuffed a tiny piece of Lego up his nostril in 2018 but a doctor could not find it at the time. 

After Sameer, from Dunedin, New Zealand, told his parents about the losing piece of Lego, they went to their GP.

The doctor could not find it and assumed the boy had swallowed it and that it would move through their son’s digestive tract.

This never happened, but since the little lad was not in pain it was forgotten about. 

Dad Mudassir told the Guardian: “Since then he’s never complained or anything.”

He believes the piece was part of a Lego character’s arm.

But last night his son took a big sniff of cakes and immediately his nose hurt. 

Then after blowing his nose a tiny piece of black Lego popped out.

Mudassir said: “We never expected such a thing.

“The Lego piece looks a bit gross but that’s how it is. Unbelievable.”

The family immediately photographed the find.

Meanwhile Sameer yelled: “You were telling me it wasn’t there, but it was there.”

Lego pieces are often swallowed by children.

In a bid to allay parents’ concerns, doctors swallowed Lego heads to test what happens if your child accidentally gulps a piece down.

They were keen to see how dangerous the popular toy could be to kids – especially with Lego heads being so small, just 1cm x 1cm.

The researchers found that consistency stayed the same and the average time to pass was 1.7 days.

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