Pictures of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida show New York inundated with trash ‘swimming through streets.’


Pictures of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida show New York inundated with trash ‘swimming through streets.’

STORM IDA made landfall on the US’s southern coast last weekend, bringing with it 150 mph gusts and a deluge of rain that brought flash floods inland. As it makes its way back to the Atlantic, Ida has moved to the northwest, leaving a trail of severe flooding in its wake.

Storm Ida has made its first stop on the Gulf Coast, establishing itself as one of the deadliest Atlantic systems of 2021. Ida accelerated to hurricane strength as it approached Cuba over the weekend, then crashed with the US mainland via Louisiana and Mississippi on Sunday. The system left a path of destruction ranging from the southern states to New York, where flooding sights have been compared to disaster movies.

As flash flooding spread across the state into neighboring New Jersey and beyond, New Yorkers awoke to several feet of water spilling over city streets.

Last night, Ida dumped 8cm (three inches) of rain on the city in an hour, causing water to rise to knee-high levels.

The storm, which also produced tornadoes, was dubbed a “historic weather event” by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Locals have also shared images of flooded cars on social media alongside stills from the disaster film “The Day After Tomorrow,” noting the disturbing similarities.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued warnings for parts of New York City and the northeastern United States.

A “flood emergency” warning has been issued for parts of the northeastern United States, ranging from Massachusetts and Rhode Island to Brooklyn and Long Island.

The NWS has issued a tornado warning for the first two locations.

According to the NWS flood emergency, which is reserved for “very uncommon scenarios,” “catastrophic devastation” will follow “risk to life.”

According to local news sources, the storms have so far killed nine individuals in New York City.

People stuck in basements died, while authorities in New Jersey discovered the body of a man in his 70s in a car washed away by flood currents.

According to NBC news, a two-year-old kid was among the victims in New York.

Excessive structural damage has spread throughout the city, and the subway system in New York City has been shut down.

Every subway station in the city’s seventh district has now been shut down, according to Mark Levine, a council member for the district.

He revealed the news on Twitter, blaming the flood on climate change.

“Every single subway line in NYC is currently closed due,” Mr Levin added.

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