Pickle, a ‘Guardian angel’ hero dog, saves the lives of a couple whose home is filled with smoke.


Pickle, a ‘Guardian angel’ hero dog, saves the lives of a couple whose home is filled with smoke.

After saving a couple whose house was filled with smoke, a “GUARDIAN angel” dog has been hailed as a hero.

Kirsten Carmichael, 36, and her partner Matt were saved by Pickle the Cockapoo, who assisted them in escaping the premises. Mrs Carmichael has Ménière’s illness and lost her hearing in both ears totally in 2016. She claims she would have perished if her hero puppy hadn’t saved her.

Kirsten adopted trained hearing dog Pickle two years after her hearing loss.

Pickle saved the couple by waking them up while they were sleeping, and is now known as Mrs Carmichael’s “soul mate and guardian angel.”

She remembered the evening – and being startled awake by the dog licking and prodding her.

Mrs Carmichael was initially unaware that Pickle was signaling danger until she got out of bed to investigate.

Their home was also filled with smoke from a nearby property.

“I visited each room and couldn’t see anything to be concerned about,” Mrs Carmichael said, “but Pickle guided me to the entrance.”

“I spotted smoke rising from my neighbor’s property through the peephole.”

“I was first alarmed when smoke began to enter our home, but Pickle has a way of calming me down.”

“I awoke my companion and now husband Matt, and we called the fire department, and we were able to safely exit our home – as were our neighbors,” she continued.

Pickle believes that if the couple hadn’t been awoken by Pickle, they would have passed out or perished because the house was filled with deadly smoke.

They were able to safely evacuate thanks to their puppy’s warning call, an accomplishment that earned Pickle’s owners the title of “hero.”

Kirsten and her partner Matt married shortly after the incident, and Pickle served as ring bearer.

Mrs Carmichael, who is expecting a child later this year, attributes her new attitude on life to the dog.

“I’ve encountered a lot of rejection due of my condition,” she said, “but Pickle has changed my attitude on life.”

“I’m never afraid of being alone when she’s by my side, and she’s always there for me when I need her.”

“We wouldn’t be here, we wouldn’t have gotten married, and we wouldn’t be here without her,” she continued. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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