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Phillip Schofield’s wine branded ‘overpriced’ and ‘bitter’ in scathing reviews by disappointed customers

THIS Morning’s Phillip Schofield new wine has been slammed by punters in scathing reviews.

The plonk, which was slashed from £24.99 to £19.99, has been brought out by the telly host with posh supermarket chain Waitrose.

Schofield, 58, is described on the supermarket’s website as a “well-known wine aficionado and environmentally aware consumer” and launched the 2.25 litre boxes of red and white Italian wines back in April.

The Benevento IGT Falanghina, a white wine from Campania, is described as a “clean, with a hint of tropical fruit and just a thread of peach”.

But one reviewer said it was “very strong white wine with a bitter after taste” and that it was “overpriced”.

Schofield’s red – a Nero di Troia from Puglia, Italy – was lauded by Waitrose as “a real powerhouse red”.

But one angry drinker said it was “only fit for the bin”.

They added that it was “no more palatable than fizzy Ribena”.

Other celebs who have produced their own wine include cricket star Sir Ian Botham and film director Francis Ford Coppola.

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