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Petrol and Diesel Ban Could Be Brought Forward to 2035

The spies from the Telegraph have been having quiet words with their friends inside the Conservative party again, and have revealed that the prime minister and his chums are thinking about bringing the petrol and diesel-engined car sales ban forward from 2040 to 2035, so they can say they’re doing a better job of mitigating for climate change.

It would appear to be the brainchild of transport secretary Grant Shapps, who’s said before that the current 2040 target is too distant and not ambitious enough, and also that the government’s advisory committee on climate change agrees that 2035 is an achievable date from which Jeremy Clarkson should be left with no alternative but to purchase an electric vehicle, should be manage to avoid his head exploding with rage over the next 15 years.

The Telegraph says the prime minister will give a talk about climate and environmental ambitions tomorrow, which could contain news of the the revised petrol/diesel switch off date. [Telegraph]

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