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Peter Andre reveals he wants another baby with wife Emily despite being 47

PETER ANDRE is eager to have another child – despite being 47.

The dad of four says he and wife Emily have grown even closer during lockdown, leading them to consider extending their family.

But the singer also revealed how pre-Covid they had also talked about him getting “the snip” — an operation he said he would undergo if Emily, 31, went cold on the idea of motherhood again.

Speaking to The Sun On Sunday about having more children, Peter said: “We are talking about it. If we’re ­talking about it, it will ­eventually happen, right?

“Ironically lockdown has brought us both closer together and so we’ll have more of a chance.

“But if Emily is really not up for it, maybe I’ll have the snip — only if it’s reversible!

“I think every guy is scared of having the snip because it means a closed chapter.

“But why should the woman always be the one to take precautions?”

Peter, who spoke out on the new series of Life With The Andres on The Sun’s YouTube channel, already has four children — Amelia, six and Theo, three, with Emily, plus Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with his ex Katie Price.

The Mysterious Girl singer also revealed that once the pandemic has passed he wants to turn his hand to trying to land a role in a Hollywood film. He said: “I’ve got my US visa approved and I’m desperate to go.

“I jokingly said I was going to retire at 50, but I’ve found this new hunger for songwriting and acting, so I’ve added another five years on.”

But for now he’s supporting Emily, who has been working tirelessly as an NHS doctor on the front line during the pandemic.

She secretly ­battled coronavirus symptoms at the start of lockdown — suffering with a sore throat, muscle aches and a loss of taste and smell.

Although she did not have a Covid-19 test at the time, she tested positive for antibodies afterwards.

The pair decided not to tell their children to avoid them worrying, although Junior later displayed symptoms and self-isolated for two weeks at the family’s mansion in Surrey.

Peter said previously: “It was terrible. I’d make them both food, take it upstairs, knock then run back down.

“I thought. ‘I can’t get it because what will we do then?’ It was the worst time.”

But the star is not letting the ­latest rule changes or the virus get to him.  He said: “I’m not anxious. And I’m not going to slate the ­Government because they won’t get everything right.

“But it’s the mixed messages — one minute we’re being told to Eat Out To Help Out, the next we’re locking down again . . .” 

While school now comes first, all the kids are excited to pick up the cameras again for Life With The Andres.

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