Pet cat is eaten by carpet python

A family were horrified when one of their two beloved pet cats was devoured by a massive carpet python.    

Brisbane Snake Catchers shared a photo of the snake’s engorged body some time after it ate the doomed feline.

‘An unfortunate situation for residents in Wishart today when they found a Large Carpet python consuming one of their two cats,’ (sic) he wrote. 

‘The residents were sad for obvious reasons but realized it was only natural for the python to do so and agreed they need to keep a better eye on them and even better keep them indoors.’

‘This is another reason to be mindful of letting cats roam they can be subject to other animals as well.’

The snake was then removed from the family home and relocated in a safer environment.

The original poster had a tip for cat owners who live in snake prone areas. 

‘Large outdoor cat aviaries are also another great way to keep your pet safe and from hunting other native wildlife,’ he wrote.

The post has garnered hundreds of responses already.  

‘Keep them kitties inside! I guess that python won’t need to eat again for a month or so?,’ one person wrote. 

‘This is why mine are in a cat enclosure with meshing even under it, no climbers or venomous snakies can get in. I dont want my cats hurting the natives either.’

‘If you want to keep your cat safe then be responsible and keep it confined to your house and yard.’

Many others reminded people that the snake was just doing what came naturally to it, and that cats can be pests as well.  

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