Peston, ITV’s’very poor’ show, reaches a new low as viewers criticize the ‘biased and dull show.’


Peston on ITV reaches a new low as viewers criticize the ‘biased and dull show.’

PESTON, ITV’s flagship current affairs show, has been slammed on social media after viewers described it as “biased and dull.”

Last night, 61-year-old Robert Peston returned to the ITV studios for the latest episode of his political show Peston.

Anushka Asthana, 41, Peston’s co-host and the BBC’s deputy political editor, ex-Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, 56, Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis, 50, Labour MP Yvette Cooper, 52, and ex-Home Secretary Amber Rudd, 58, were among those in attendance.

On the other hand, ITV’s political editor was chastised on social media for hosting a “biased and dull” show.

Despite what some may argue is a star-studded cast, the show’s viewers seemed dissatisfied by the time it premiered.

Despite the fact that none of the panelists supported the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union in 2016, @AndyStill11 referred to the event as “a gammon fest,” a derogatory term often used to describe supporters of Brexit.

“Sorry to say that tonight’s (hashtag)Peston programme has reached a new low,” another user said.

Sleaze, migration, u-turns, Johnson’s bumbling, COP, N Ireland, and so on were all mentioned in passing, but no one was seriously challenged or held to account.

“We’re talking about business.”

There has been no progress.


After citing YouGov’s most important issues facing Britain poll tracker, @docrussjackson demanded an apology from Peston for suggesting immigration was the most important issue to voters.

However, @iMultitudes claimed that the Peston show did not give enough airtime to immigration skeptics.

“These shows, including BBCQT,” he said, “are way too one-sided on the issue of migration.”

@Andrew788505925 appeared to question the program from the other end of the political spectrum in response to a clip of Labour’s Yvette Cooper.

“What an incredibly speculative, biased, and dull show,” he said.

More like a political broadcast from a political party than a current affairs program.

“It’s ironic that Cooper claims Labour is’regaining voters,’ while Peston mocks Boris….

“There isn’t much to see here.”

Guests discussed climate change, immigration, Windrush, Northern Ireland, and even the global economy on last night’s Peston program.


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