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Perth nightclub is evacuated after walls crumble and bricks come flying down

Revellers escaped from a popular nightclub unharmed after the walls started to crumble during an end of exams party.


Police said it was remarkable no one was injured after bricks came flying down at The Library, in Perth.  

The club, in the inner suburb of Northbridge, was filled with people when parts of the outside wall collapsed about 3.30am on Sunday morning.

The nightclub was hosting an event called ‘Thirsty’, which was advertised as a party for students featuring ‘strippers, cheeseburgers, whipped cream and champagne’.

Western Australia Police say it was lucky no one was killed when bricks came crashing down from the side of the building, ABC reported.

The exterior wall fell into a fenced car park and onto the front footpath, near pedestrians who were standing outside the venue.

Police were already on the scene when the wall began to crumble as they were called to the venue to deal with a man who allegedly abused a bouncer.

‘There (were) some of our officers from Perth present when the wall collapsed, and they’ve actually captured some of it in footage on their body-worn cameras,’ Senior Sergeant Jamie Brennan said.

‘They heard a loud crashing noise and saw a lot of dust and people obviously quite alarmed by the incident.’

Senior Sergeant Brennan said officers took action immediately and evacuated the nightclub, before closing off the street.

They made sure no one was hurt by the incident before firefighters arrived to confirm.

Senior Sergeant Brennan said it was ‘very, very lucky’ no-one was injured or killed.

‘It was a good result, it could have been much worse, so very fortunate,’ he said. 

Confidence in structurally sound buildings is wearing thin after hundreds of residents were evacuated from two apartment buildings in Sydney.

On Christmas Eve 2018, residents were evacuated from the 36-storey Opal Tower in Sydney Olympic Park, less than a year after it was finished.

Less than six months later, Mascot Towers in Sydney’s inner-south sent residents running to grab their possessions and evacuate as the building began to crack.

Residents of the 132 units were evacuated as the 10-year-old, 10-storey building suddenly crumbled.

The shock evacuation sparked fears that more apartments in the suburb, which is built on a water table, could be affected. 



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