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Perfect for dodging the jams! Engineer converts £30 fairground bumper car into 8mph road vehicle 

A resourceful engineer has converted his £30 fairground bumper car into an 8mph road vehicle perfect for dodging traffic jams.  

Chris Acock bought the old fairground carriage on eBay for £30 before merging it with a mobility scooter to create the distinctive two seater. 

The 53-year-old and his partner Zarra Lea now frequently turn heads when they take it out for a spin around the streets of Portland, Dorset.

Chris, after buying the dodgem, initially started by stripping it out until only the body was left.

He then bolted and wired the battery of the mobility scooter to its underside before attaching front, back and hazard warning lights as well as adding a flag on the tall electric pole at the rear.

In total, Chris believes that he spent £400 on the entire project which he completed over just a few weeks. 

The dodgem car has a range of around 20 miles before it needs re-charging and so for longer journeys the couple revert to their more traditional Land Rover.

The makeshift vehicle is effectively the same as a mobility scooter and so is suitable for pavements and roads. 

Chris said: ‘I’m building stuff all the time – all sorts of weird and wonderful things – so this was the next evolution.

‘I bought the dodgem on eBay for £31 and the mobility scooter for £200 on an online market place before merging them together.

‘I stripped everything out of the bumper car until I was left with the bare shell then I took the mobility scooter apart.

‘I bolted the scooter’s battery to the underside of the dodgem then did the wiring, painting and sorted the lights out.

‘It wasn’t that difficult to do and Zarra loves it. It’s our mode of transport to go to the pub and shops and it seems to make people smile as we go past.

‘That’s all you can hope for in these difficult times, having a giggle.’

Zarra, a procurement assistant at an electronics firm, said: ‘When Chris told me his plan I thought it was absolutely marvellous.

‘Every couple of years we try and do something different – he’s modified tractors and lawnmowers before.

‘I helped him source the dodgem and mobility scooter and I think it’s fantastic.

‘We take it to the pub, Tesco, and just out and about. When people first see it I think they are in shock because they can’t quite believe it.

‘But they then roll down their window for a picture and say “that’s awesome”.’

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