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‘Perfect angel’ toddler shot dead while playing in her Frozen dollhouse as her dad is also killed

A THREE-year old girl was shot dead while playing in her Frozen dollhouse just as her dad was also killed.

Little Trinity Randolph and her father Brandon Waddles, 21, were tragically killed at their home in Louisville, Kentucky.

“My beautiful niece, Trinity Neveah, was murdered at her grandmother’s home, shot to death at only 3 years old,” a page set up by Tyasia Lashay, the young girl’s aunt says.

“A fun loving energetic soul whose life was snatched along with her father’s.”

So far, 98 criminal homicides have occurred in the Kentucky city, 17 of which were in August. This was not the first time Trinity’s family was rocked by a child-killing.

Tenisha Porter, one of the little girl’s aunts, said that her bond with Trinity helped her recover from the trauma of losing her 17-year-old nephew Cortez Randolph in an unsolved shooting.

Trinity, who relatives say dreamed of becoming a princess, was described as a “technology genius” by one aunt, according to Courier Journal.

Rapper Master P will pay for the funeral costs, according to the New York Post.

“[She could] have come out of the community and [been] the next president, doctor, lawyer, teacher,” Master P said.

Jecorey Arthur, a Louisville Metro Councilman, was cousins with Trinity. In a Tweet about the incident, he vowed to take action in the wake of her death.

“RIP Trinity. I promise to change this city that has failed you,” Arthur said.

My 3-year-old cousin was murdered in broad daylight with her father on Friday. ⁣

Please visit the link in my bio to support her mother.⁣⁣
RIP Trinity. I promise to change this city that has failed you.

Trinity is survived by her mother, Tynekia Randolph, and her one-month old brother Tristian. Trinity’s grandfather Tyronn Howlett has expressed that Tynekia needs a great deal of support in the wake of the tragedy, according to WBTV.

“To see my daughter cry, can’t sleep, cry and cry all night screaming for her daughter and she has no business to feel that way,” Howlett said.

No suspects have been named in the killings.

“She was just 3 years old,” Trinity’s great-grandmother Valerie Randolph said.

“It takes a mean, cold, selfish-hearted person to take a little 3-year-old’s life.”


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