‘People think I’m a bad parent!’ A lack of crisps makes it difficult for my daughter to eat.


‘People think I’m a bad parent!’ A lack of crisps makes it difficult for my daughter to eat.

A NATIONAL Walkers crisp shortage has left two parents in a panic because it is one of the few foods their daughter will eat.

Ava, four, eats Walkers oven-baked sea salt flavour crisps as a major part of her diet due to an eating disorder.

Walkers has experienced supply issues as a result of an IT glitch last month, which left Ava’s parents unable to locate the crisps.

The Leicestershire teen has a number of health issues, including avoidant or restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) and a developmental disorder.

Michelle, her mother, told the BBC that she only eats Walkers crisps in a specific flavor, toastie waffles, and a specific type of baby fruit puree.

She only takes a prescription vitamin mix and sweetened almond milk.

Ava became lethargic and withdrawn after going five days without her crisps, which she usually eats twice daily.

“It’s really hard when your child relies on a food and you can’t get it,” Michelle said of the situation.

“Every day, for an hour or two, [my husband and I]go looking for crisps in the shops.”

“We have a large extended family, and everyone is concerned about them.”

“The crisps don’t have a lot of nutritional value, but the salt helps.”

It encourages her to drink even more.

“If she doesn’t have them, she falls asleep quickly, lays around, and lacks energy.”

“Our biggest fear is having to go to the hospital, and if we can’t find these crisps, that’s a foregone conclusion.”

Michelle, who has been unable to obtain the crisps for more than a month, claims that her daughter would rather be put on an IV drip than eat something she dislikes.

“It makes me very, very anxious,” she continued.

For her, what appears to be a minor detail is enormous.”

Michelle explained that relying on crisps for children with eating disorders is not uncommon, and that she has come across other families dealing with the same problem on social media.

She did, however, say that she has received negative feedback from people who have heard about her situation.

“There are a lot of people who experience this at all ages, but there has been a lot of,” Michelle told BBC News.

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